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UnTrap offers a comprehensive suite of features to personalize your YouTube experience, eliminate unnecessary distractions, and help you regain your focus.

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    • I'm not exaggerating. You've SAVED us UnTrap is undescribably important and helpful. I mean it!

      by AkabaneKurodo
    • This extension is exactly what I needed to be able to focus on studying for my exams, now I can watch study related content on yt without getting distracted and ending up wasting time. Thank you!!

      by st_shepherd
    • With this extension, I can now share educational/fun youtube videos with my kids and let them watch it on iOS Safari on their iPads without worrying about them clicking on related videos or end screen suggestions.

      by Flashsc1
    • Works perfect! Mainly wanted to hide youtube shorts in subscriptions page in safari and it does great job with it and on top of that you can hide so much more stuff. Definitely don't regret spending money on this.

      by Lukrecja_xx
    • I never do reviews for anything, so this extension really means a lot to me. This is one of the last addictions I had and it really helped me with my YouTube consumption. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

      by Manonthemoon3000
    • This app deserves to have hundreds of 5 star reviews on the App store. I don't know why it was so hard to find this app. I've been searching for similar apps for a few weeks now and this is definitely the best one and worth the price. Thank you! By the way it is a very beautiful app with a simple user interface.

      by gardner#123
    • Works like a charm. Plug and play without problems. Wonderful.

      by Benjamin Grimme
    • This is helping me be so much more productive, thank you and keep it up! Just keep making this app better and dont you dare let it get any bugs. This app is too good to be true.

      by justremovetheedition.